Navigating the Digital Marketplace: E-commerce Tips for Rural Entrepreneurs

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From Passion To Profit: Building A Successful Side Hustle In Rural Nova Scotia

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Unlocking the Power of AI: Quick Tips for Chat GPT Integration

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Rural Tourism Trends and Opportunities: IGNITE Atlantic’s Pitch Competition

Rural Nova Scotia is a treasure trove of natural beauty, cultural richness, and unique experiences waiting to be discovered. With tourism trends evolving rapidly, there has never been a better time...


We support innovative startups and founders bring their ideas to life and grow their startups into thriving businesses.


We help traditional industries throughout Atlantic Canada innovate through programming, corporate challenges, and working with industry professionals.


We believe in exposing youth to Entrepreneurship and STEAM programming.  Building the future innovators in Rural Communities.







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IGNITE Atlantic is a rural innovation hub that brings people together to explore how to make change possible in rural communities. IGNITE aims to create a culture of innovation by exposing youth to STEAM & Entrepreneurship, giving startups the support and resources to help them succeed and working with traditional industries to find solutions to big problems and create global opportunities for these sectors.  

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