If you’re looking for innovation and entrepreneurial spirit, you don’t need to limit your search to major cities. Rural areas are home to some of the most exciting startups in the world, and Nova Scotia is no exception.

Here are 10 rural Nova Scotia startups to watch in 2023. These companies are pushing boundaries, developing new technologies, and making a difference in our communities.

1. BRAEVR Media

BRAEVR Media is a Virtual Reality video production company. They create fully immersive storytelling experiences in the 360°, 180° Stereoscopic and Virtual Reality space. Their clients range from the federal government, tourism boards and industry sector development but the sky’s the limit for this technology. 

2. Katchi

Katchi is developing a SmartNet using herding and deterring technology and seeks to deploy uncrewed service vessels (USVs) to improve the efficiency of conventional trawl fishing.

3. Discover the Strait

Discover the Strait brings local Northumberland Strait fishermen together on one platform to offer visitors unforgettable, authentically Nova Scotian, experiences on the beautiful Northumberland Strait. By bringing local boat owners together, the platform fulfills all customer touch points to put visitors on the wharf, ready to board a boat and experience the beauty of the Northumberland Strait.

4. Mycaro

Mycaro is a high protein, upcycled mycelium ground that is produced through the fermentation of agricultural by-products. This mycelium ground allows consumers to enjoy versatile, sustainable protein with a neutral taste and desirable texture.

5. Virtual Hallway Consults Inc.

Virtual Hallway is an online marketplace that connects primary care clinicians who need to discuss a patient case with specialist physicians who provide clinical advice. It offers an easy, rapid, documented and reimbursed way to get questions answered and optimize patient care. 

6. Green Oil Solutions

Green Oil Solutions is a leader in eco-filtration in Canada, developing state-of-the-art solutions to solve environmental problems in our waters. Their bilge filtration systems remove oil and other contaminants from bilge water before it is discharged overboard. They also use innovative technologies to clean stored diesel fuel, furnace oils and lubricating oils that would normally be disposed of.

7. Atrio Sports

Atrio Sports provides a centralized networking and scheduling platform that revolutionizes the Sports Relationship Management Industry (SRM) by redefining the way we navigate the sports world.

8. Elwood Pens

Elwood Pens is a handcrafted wooden pen and pencil manufacturer based out of northern Nova Scotia. The company has made pens from over 40 different types of wood from around the world as well as local hardwoods from Nova Scotia such as Birdseye Maple. Elwood Pens is committed to providing the highest quality handmade wooden pens and mechanical pens possible

9. Greenlight Studios

Greenlight Studios is a full-time video and audio studio specializing in music videos, live off the floor music production and commercial video of all types. They are the biggest producer of professional real estate walkthrough video and 3D tours in the Yarmouth Area. 

10. Sunnyside Self Wellness

Sunnyside Self Wellness promotes mental health and pro social skill development through children’s literature, educational resources and engaging workshops for youth and families. The 2-tier mental health practices include meditation and mindfulness, gratitude, mindful eating and movement, and creative self expression.

Rural Nova Scotia is a force of innovation and entrepreneurship, and these 10 startups are leading the charge. Whether they’re developing new technologies, providing services, or disrupting traditional industries, these companies are making a difference in their communities and beyond. Keep an eye on them in 2023 – they’re sure to make waves.

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Photo credit: Jake Brenner (@jakesescapes)