JANUARY 18TH, 2019
3:00 PM – 4:30 PM

HomeEXCEPT is a solution for non-intrusive monitoring. That means that without using a camera, listening device or a wearable, a loved one can be monitored in a non-intrusive way. With our sensor and app combo we can detect and display presence, motion, hot and cold events, light and sound. It will also use machine learning to detect when there are exceptions to the normal patterns of the day. There are also commercial applications for this in the area of situational awareness.

My job is to design the experience of using this solution, which includes designing the app, but it also includes designing the experience of how a person and family will interact with this solution in real life. This means talking to people (potential customers), doing research into similar products and how they are presented, getting input from stakeholders, sketching on paper, creating personas, plausible situations, and fitting the situations into how someone would want to interact with the app, designing app prototypes, usability testing, and iterative design. So on Jan 18th, I will go through some of our process and I will bring/show artifacts of our process.

Here is how the presentation will go :

We will talk about the design process of the HomeEXCEPT app.

In her presentation, she will answer such questions as:

What is involved in the design process?

What are User Personas and how can a whole team use them?

What does the expression “pencils before pixels” mean and why is it important?

How can you test/prototype a product before it is built?

Question and Answer to follow.