Ignite Labs and Perennia are pleased to launch an Innovation Challenge for the seafood industry. The challenge is to develop a lobster bait that will use bi-products from the ground fish processing industry but in a more sustainable way.

Currently, the seafood processing in Nova Scotia produces millions of pounds of bi-product per year.  Some of this bi-product is sold to the lobster industry as bait; however, it is estimated that, in order to harvest one pound of lobster, one pound of bait is needed. Increased demand for lobster bait due to decreased quotas for mackerel and herring (traditional sources of bait) offers opportunity to create an alternative bait to meet market demand. 

In addition, the bi-product from fish could potentially be used for other high value products including products for the pharmaceutical industry and functional food industry.  Therefore, the challenge is to develop an alternative lobster bait that would use smaller proportions of fish bi-product combined with other agents that would produce the same amount of bait needed by the industry, and, most importantly, be as effective.

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