Sustainability and waste reduction are problems facing all of Nova Scotia, especially in rural areas. At IGNITE, we want to support innovative startups that are stepping up to the challenge of sustainability. These companies are using creative approaches to waste reduction that not only benefit the environment but also drive economic growth in their communities. Here are four startups leading the charge in Nova Scotia’s rural areas.

Green Oil Solutions

  1. Green Oil Solutions is a leader in eco-filtration in Canada, developing state-of-the-art solutions to solve environmental problems in our waters. Their bilge filtration systems remove oil and other contaminants from bilge water before it is discharged overboard. They also use innovative technologies to clean stored diesel fuel, furnace oils and lubricating oils that would normally be disposed of.


  1. Mycaro is a high protein, upcycled mycelium ground that is produced through the fermentation of agricultural by-products. This mycelium ground allows consumers to enjoy versatile, sustainable protein with a neutral taste and desirable texture.

Recircle Waste Management (Recircle)

  1. Recircle Waste Management (Recircle) remanufactures plastic waste into consumer products and industrial raw materials using proprietary, semi-industrial waste management machines. Currently, Canadian manufacturers and extruders incur high costs to import in-demand recycled raw materials such as decontaminated plastic flakes and pellets for their processes, while industrial, commercial and institutional (ICI) ecosystems pay to dispose of their waste plastic to landfills. Recircle closes the logistical loop between these two parties and creates a circular economy for recycled raw materials by licensing its waste management infrastructure to ICI ecosystems (transforming their waste management costs into sustainable revenue streams), while simultaneously providing manufacturers with more affordable, local raw materials.

Cultivated Eco Systems

  1. Cultivated Eco Systems is a start up in rural Pictou County created from the growing frustration over the high costs to grow your own food and the difficulty to source environmental plant care products that actually work. Through researching environmental methods to deliver proper plant care with low environmental impact, they have developed a strategy to simplify a biological method which produces self-sustaining plant nutrition by diverting waste in a customizable format to reach all types of plants.

Whether they’re creating new products from recycled materials, developing new technologies to reduce waste, or providing essential services to help communities manage their waste, these companies are making a difference. By supporting these startups, IGNITE is working towards creating a more sustainable future.

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