IGNITE is Nova Scotia’s Rural
Innovation Hub & Business Incubator

Our goal is to accelerate new startups by providing access to technology,
resources and mentorship to help them grow.
Open to any industry or sector,
we are here to help push your ideas and business to new levels.

IGNITE is Nova Scotia’s rural innovation hub where entrepreneurs, startups, and small businesses work together. By providing structure, mentorship, and opportunities for startups to create, grow, and operate, IGNITE is encouraging everyone to explore entrepreneurship as a career path without restrictions.

IGNITE encourages the growth of entrepreneurship in Nova Scotia across industries, including technology sectors, oceans sectors, and tourism sectors. By engaging youth, communities, startups & industry to find solutions for challenges being faced in the region, IGNITE is creating a culture of entrepreneurship in rural Nova Scotia.



IGNITE works with youth to explore entrepreneurship & technology and build a cohort of future innovators 


IGNITE works with community partners to build a vibrant startup ecosystem and support community-led programs and initiatives.


IGNITE supports innovative companies to grow in size, develop new products and services, and transition to global markets by providing space, technology, training and mentorship opportunities.


IGNITE helps traditional industries overcome innovation challenges using the collective innovative community throughout the Atlantic provinces 

What We Do

Mentor and support entrepreneurs.

Grow and develop new and existing startups.

Create a hub for the local startup community.

How We Do It

Provide mentorship and training programs.

Connect entrepreneurs into a provincial network.

Host community-driven events and workshops.