Innovating Rural Communities

Learn by doing

tech{LAB} is an energetic environment for everyone to explore new technology.

This virtual series engages anyone eight and up to learn through experimenting and prototyping solutions to everyday problems. 

3D Printing

Gain access to our FDM Printer to print your wildly inventive designs!


Experiment with dfiferent lenses, lighting setups, and cameras to capture your life!


Learn how to breadboard and solder, while building your own sensor station!

Ocean Tech

Find out what it takes to survive in the harshest environments on earth!

UX Design

Learn from about what it takes to design products that work!

Virtual Reality

Build your own 3D world that you can run, jump, and crawl in!

App Development

Have an idea for any app? Learn how to make it a reality using no code tools, or bring it up a notch a code it in Java!


Build and program your own robot to solve complex problems. Just make sure it doesn’t take over the world!