Everyone is familiar with remote and hybrid work by now, and anyone who works in an office environment has likely had the experience. You may even be working remotely right now. While many organizations who shifted to remote work during the Covid-19 pandemic have returned to the office, many others have been slower to embrace their Monday-to-Friday commutes again. With the opportunity to return to communal offices, and the discovery of the comforts of working from home, it seems as though hybrid work may be here to stay. 

Is this a good thing? I think so. I started writing this article at the office and finished it at home (and enjoyed every minute of it).

There are definitely advantages to hybrid work schedules. At IGNITE, we see first-hand the benefits of a hybrid work week enjoyed by business professionals who use our coworking spaces.


For anyone unfamiliar with hybrid work, it refers to employees splitting their time between the office and home. Whether a company has specific days they spend in the office, or they allow employees to choose their own locations, this setup adds some much needed variety and flexibility to the week. Everyone has a life outside of work, and a hybrid work week makes it easier to tackle the two things at once. You may have kids at home or an appointment closer to home than the office, and a flexible work location can really take the pressure off. Add in reduced commuting time and you have a recipe for improved work life balance.

Increased Productivity

It may seem logical that if you aren’t in the office with your coworkers everyday, you’re going to be less productive. This really is not the case however. A study by Ergotron found that employees actually work longer hours at home (without being told to) than in the office. On top of this, they reported workers being less stressed when working from home, increasing productivity as well. 

Check out this article by Business News Daily for more information on productivity at home.

Continued Access to Office Space

Working from home sounds great, right? While there are benefits to remote work, there are also lots of benefits to the classic communal office space. 

Offices facilitate communication and collaboration much more effectively than working remotely. This includes the ability to communicate face-to-face, which fosters idea-sharing and cuts down on miscommunication. Even with the video conferencing technologies available today, true face-to-face communication just can’t be achieved remotely.

Coworking spaces are an excellent option for businesses looking to follow a hybrid work schedule. These shared office spaces offer the benefits of a traditional office, can be used whenever your business requires, and is an affordable alternative to leasing office space. 

Do What Works for You

There are many benefits to hybrid working and it’s not surprising that it has caught on the way it has. All in all however, hybrid working’s biggest benefit is whatever you choose it to be. Do what works for you. With the flexibility it offers, a hybrid work model allows you and your employees to work efficiently, tend to your own lives, and still get together for that weekly meeting.

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