Unlocking the Power of AI: Quick Tips for Chat GPT Integration

In today's fast-paced business landscape, entrepreneurs must utilize any available advantages. One way to gain a competitive edge is by harnessing the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to enhance your operations and customer interactions. At IGNITE Atlantic, we...

Rural Tourism Trends and Opportunities: IGNITE Atlantic’s Pitch Competition

Rural Nova Scotia is a treasure trove of natural beauty, cultural richness, and unique experiences waiting to be discovered. With tourism trends evolving rapidly, there has never been a better time for entrepreneurs to explore the untapped potential of rural tourism....

Innovating Healthcare: 4 Companies Leading the Way in Nova Scotia

Facing a healthcare landscape strained by challenges ranging from accessibility issues to resource constraints, these forward-thinking companies are stepping up to the plate, offering solutions that not only address immediate challenges but also pave the way for a...

5 Softwares to Simplify Your Startup

Starting a business is complicated to say the least. With everything on your calendar and everything on your mind, you probably barely have time to read this article (we appreciate it). Luckily, lots of people know the complications of a new business, and we’ve gotten...

Tuning into Success: The Podcasts Our IGNITE Residents Love!

Are you on the hunt for the perfect podcast to ignite your creativity, bolster your business skills, or simply unwind after a long day? Our IGNITE residents (and team) have got you covered with their favorite podcasts. We're sharing the picks from our entrepreneurs,...


How To Showcase For Youth – A Music Nova Scotia Primer

How To Showcase For Youth – A Music Nova Scotia Primer

As part of our Igniting Creativity in Arts & Music Series, Ignite and Music Nova Scotia have teamed up to offer this event – “How To Showcase” – a Music Nova Scotia Primer. If you’re a young performer you will learn how to get the most out of conferences and showcases – from making the decision to attend to the best way to showcase your music. Music Nova Scotia will also be giving a primer on what the organization can do for you, from offering a “Basic Training” program to help artists and aspiring music industry professionals develop their skills and knowledge, to helping with opportunities in music entrepreneurship.

School of Hard Knocks – 6 Key Lessons Learned as an Entrepreneur

School of Hard Knocks – 6 Key Lessons Learned as an Entrepreneur

There’s no school for entrepreneurship or at least no school that teaches you the lessons you will learn by being an entrepreneur. You can read all the books and articles you want, but until you’re actually out there starting and running your own business, you won’t really know what it’s like. I like to think of myself as a seasoned entrepreneur because I’ve made so many mistakes along the way. And trust me, I’ve learned some hard lessons.  These are a few lessons I’ve learned that I wish I knew starting out.

How to Get Started as an Entrepreneur in 2023

How to Get Started as an Entrepreneur in 2023

If you want to be an entrepreneur, the time to start is now! In this blog post, we’ll give you some tips on how to get started as an entrepreneur in 2023. We’ll also share some resources that can help you along the way. So whether you’re a student who’s looking to start your own business, or someone who’s been thinking about entrepreneurship for a while, this blog post is for you! Let’s get started!

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