Coach’s Corner with Julien Lambert

The Coach’s Corner sessions are scheduled every Friday from 1:30 pm to 3:30 pm at the Ignite Labs office and are free of charge. If you are interested, just come by or contact us to book a time slot to meet with the coach.

Contact Email: Tel: (902) 746-0795

Julien’s Coaching helps entrepreneurs achieve the following:

– Map out the growth path for their business
– Work through tough business challenges faster, anticipate roadblocks and getting unstuck
– Become aware of cutting-edge business skills, tools and resources
– Focus their time and efforts where they’ll get the most results
– Become more confident

Julien’s expertise involves go-to-market and growth strategies, business plans, international expansion and connecting with international markets influencers, as well as how and when to raise money, valuation modeling and exit strategies. Ignite Labs’ Coach Corner is an excellent place to share ideas about business plans, bootstrapping approaches, identify potential resources for your business and network with like minded entrepreneurs.

For over 30 years, Julien has met many of the struggles faced by entrepreneurs: starting from nothing (as an immigrant), raising money, pivoting, managing teams, building great products, selling, marketing, recruiting, financial management, several successful exits and more.

He has an excellent reputation and is known for being passionate about self-development and entrepreneurship (Letters of Reference are available).

During his career, Julien contributed to the success of a number of high-tech businesses that demonstrated retained earnings growth every year. Technologies included Artificial Intelligence; Clinical Trials Statistics; Discrete Choice Mathematical Modelling; and he pioneered the first Canadian television live video streaming of a major sport event. He has successfully lead high-level technology and scientific teams with international staff. He is able to quickly understand the scientific and engineering problems that affect the main drivers of a business.

He was a recipient of the highest award for a business plan competition in Alberta and he raised significant amounts of capital. With his teams at TerraNotes Geophysics Ltd he developed proprietary technologies for data mining, modelling and imaging for the advancement of exploration for mineral, oil and gas, and environmental engineering. With several offices in Canada his company delivered solutions for clients and projects across Canada and in seven countries. Julien received founders stocks for his work with a number of publicly traded companies and he continues to assist entrepreneurs to raise capital and boost the valuation of their businesses.

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