IGNITE Northern

345 Temperance Street

New Glasgow, Nova Scotia

Join us for the latest installment of The Art of the Possible Series where we bring together key players from the healthcare ecosystem to address health challenges and explore the innovative solutions that are paving the way forward.

On April 26, get ready to dive deep into the world of heart and lung health at IGNITE Atlantic! Join us for an engaging day filled with discovery as we unpack the endless possibilities of both heart and lung health technologies. We will showcase two companies who are making a real difference in improving health outcomes and enhancing patient quality of life.

Gain knowledge on the every day challenges Nova Scotians are facing, and be immersed into the world of heart and lung health through presentations from Kardio Diagnostix, and NovaResp Technologies. Each presenter will highlight their company and provide a demonstration of their innovations. As a bonus, the INSPIRED COPD Outreach Program will also share with the audience how their program supports Nova Scotians and family members living with COPD.

About Kardio Diagnostix

Kardio Diagnostix is an AI-powered healthcare company that has developed a proprietary algorithm for detecting and classifying heart murmurs in children, into either “innocent” or “pathologic.” The company’s patent pending technology provides primary care providers with highly specific results in under a minute, saving parents from anxiety while awaiting access to specialists, and saving millions of dollars in payer cost avoidance by decreasing the uncertainty that leads to avoidable referrals to pediatric cardiologists and costly echocardiograms.

About NovaResp Technolgoies

NovaResp has developed a patented, AI-enabled software compatible with any positive airway pressure (PAP) machine to dramatically improve comfort and adherence to therapy for obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) patients. The company’s platform software uses artificial intelligence and machine learning during PAP therapy to predict and prevent episodes of apnea before they would occur. As a result, personalized therapy can be delivered via PAP machines at a substantially lower, more comfortable air pressure levels, ensuring a significantly better patient experience and adherence to therapy.

About The INSPIRED COPD Program

The INSPIRED COPD Outreach Program is a free program that provides education and support to individuals with COPD and their families.

Supports within the program include:

  • Home-based education about caring for lungs, medications, use of inhalers, home oxygen and coping with lung disease.
  • A “COPD Action Plan” to assist with managing COPD and flare-ups.
  • Assistance with navigating the healthcare system and gaining access to additional support offerings.
  • Access to a respiratory therapist through phone.