May 7


06:30 pm - 08:00 pm

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Get ready to level up your money mindset, communication skills, and networking game at our event – it’s time to cash in!

Join our transformative 90-minute online workshop designed to boost your networking, money mindset, and communication skills! Through concise instruction, interactive networking sessions, and group coaching, participants will learn practical strategies for improving those skills! Connect with peers in structured networking sessions, then receive individualized feedback upon return. Whether you are aiming to expand your professional networks, shift your financial perspective, or hone your communication skills, this workshop offers a supportive environment for growth. Elevate your skills and open new doors to success in a supportive environment. Don’t miss this opportunity to grow—sign up now!

About Debbie:

Debbie Adams, author of Money Mindset and Law of Attraction for the Skeptic is the owner of PeopleCan Training and Development. She enjoys helping people push through their internal biases and develop networks so that they can build profitable businesses. Debbie is an award-winning entrepreneur, veteran and proud Newfoundlander whose own journey into entrepreneurship was rocky. She calls herself a “reluctant entrepreneur” who enjoys supporting people as they move toward profitability in business.