We are excited to partner with the Launchpad for Women Entrepreneurs program on a one day two-part workshop series! Bernice Williams will be facilitating a Business Model Canvas Workshop that will run from 10am-12pm and Maximizing Marketing Touchpoints on a Low Budget from 1pm-3pm. We invite you to register for one or both of the sessions, you can learn more about the workshop sessions below:

Business Model Canvas Workshop

Dive into the transformative world of strategic planning with our 2-hour Business Model Canvas Workshop, meticulously designed for the forward-thinking entrepreneurs eager to refine their business strategy with precision and agility. This isn’t just a workshop; it’s a hands-on exploration of a tool that, while taking only 20 minutes to wield in your daily decision-making, requires a deeper dive to master its full potential.

Maximizing Marketing Touchpoints on a Low Budget

This workshop is not just about theory; it’s about practical, actionable strategies that you can implement immediately, regardless of your budget. We’ll dive deep into the anatomy of effective touchpoints, exploring innovative ways to ensure your business intersects with potential customers in memorable ways. How can your story not just be heard but resonate, sticking with customers long after their initial encounter with your brand?


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