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    Design Thinking Bootcamp @ Ignite Labs
    Sep 23 @ 9:00 am – 4:00 pm
    Design Thinking Bootcamp @ Ignite Labs


    Having a strong understanding of design thinking processes and principles can be a
    game-changer for collaborative teams working to enhance or diversify product offerings.
    Companies such as Apple, Coca Cola, and Walt Disney, for example, all practice
    design thinking and see 10-year returns yielding 2.19 times that of the S&P 500.

    In partnership with Volta, this Design Thinking Bootcamp at Ignite, led by Christine
    Hamblin (BCA, BSc, MTEI), Atlantic Innovation Lead at Accenture, you will discover and
    apply the five phases of the design thinking process – empathize, define, ideate,
    prototype and test – to your organization’s challenges or pain points. Through various
    hands-on activities and lessons, this design thinking bootcamp will force you to
    challenge your assumptions, redefine the problem your company is facing, and help you
    gain a real understanding of your users. From there, you will be able to iterate on or
    create a better, more effective solution for your business.

    To make the most of this two-day bootcamp, come prepared with a pain point or
    problem your company is experiencing (or we will identify one) to tackle together.
    Following this bootcamp, you will become the champion of Design Thinking within your
    organization, leading the charge when it comes to framing and solving problems
    creatively, and shaking up your organization’s product offerings.

    This workshop will be held at 208 Main Street, Yarmouth Nova Scotia, B5A 1C6. Lunch will be provided.

    Use Google Analytics To Improve Your Digital Presence @ Ignite Labs Inc
    Sep 25 @ 12:00 pm – 2:00 pm
    Use Google Analytics To Improve Your Digital Presence @ Ignite Labs Inc


    September 25th 2019

    12:00 pm – 2:00 pm

    Ignite Labs Inc

    208 Main Street, Yarmouth NS, B5A 1C6


    With over 20 years of experience as an Analytics professional, Kevin has developed his passion for translating data into meaningful insights and recommendations that drive business decisions. Kevin has worked with clients spanning many industries, including Finance, Travel and Tourism, Tele-Communication, and Retail Loyalty. The Customer Journey is universal, and Kevin specializes in ensuring every touchpoint is optimized.


    Matters of Data provides Analytics consulting to businesses who want to grow using data-driven insights. With specialized knowledge in Website (Digital) Analytics, Data Storytelling, Data Translation, Benchmarking Strategy, Segmentation, and General Analytics Methodology. Matters of Data can partner with companies in need of consulting, workshops, or those looking for more of a “hands-on” approach to solving their Data challenges.


    – Understanding what Google Analytics is, and what it can do for your business. We’ll cover how it’s a foundational tool for understanding your website and how it can improve your online presence. Fundamentally, it will help drive marketing that will lead to more quality traffic to your website, and,once on the site, more users doing what you want them to do (making a purchase, contacting you, learning about your brand, etc…)

    – Lunch will be served

    – A hands “How to” session that will include setting up Google Analytics on your website, finding and interpreting answers, identifying trends and recommending how to react, and, finally, setting up an easy to read dashboard that will help demystify Google Analytics.

    Ideally, bringing a laptop to this workshop would be best for the “how-to” portion of the session. You’ll also need a Google account to access these tools.

    Trigger Technique Workshop: Discover what triggers customers to buy @ Ignite Labs Inc
    Oct 8 @ 1:00 pm – 4:30 pm

    Trigger Technique Workshop: Discover what triggers customers to buy

    Date & Time: October 8th from 1 PM – 4:30 PM

    Price: $195 per person

    Refund policy: 7 days before event


    • When you’re not 100% clear about what motivates customers to buy, it’s not just frustrating for you and your team—it’s a massive time suck. 
    • Marketers who do audience research regularly are 466% more successful, yet 65% still aren’t doing it. Don’t fall behind. It’s time to stop guessing and start growing.  
    • Trigger Technique is an interactive group workshop for marketers and growth-hungry business leaders. You’ll learn how to master one of the most powerful, yet underutilized, skills in the marketer’s toolkit: customer discovery interviews.

    When done *the right way* (read: with less bias and awkwardness), 1:1 interviews are pure magic… 

    • You’ll stop guessing about which customers to target or where to invest your time. 
    • You’ll have explosive clarity about what matters to your audience and how to craft magnetic messages and offers. 
    • You’ll radiate confidence because you’ll know that your growth plan is based on real customer data—and not the hottest marketing trend du jour—which will kill any imposter syndrome or shiny object syndrome that you may be fighting.

    What You Can Expect:

    Know exactly WHO to talk to and WHEN to talk to them

    Talking to customers is always enlightening, but there’s one specific time in the customer lifecycle when you’re guaranteed to uncover the best, most actionable insights. If you can talk to the right people at the right time, it’s marketing gold. 

    Learn the art and science behind “conversational interviews”

    You know those terrible phone surveys that you hate doing? This is nothing like that. Conversational interviews are fun and laid back. The best part? When people feel like they’re being listened to (rather than interrogated), they’ll open up and reveal intimate details about their buying behaviours. 

    Watch a mock interview to see how its done firsthand

    You’ll have a front row seat for a mock interview. I’ll explain how I choose the right questions to ask AND how I quickly summarize actionable insights to share with others and guide our strategy.

    She Means Business – A Women’s Panel Discussion @ Ignite Labs Inc
    Oct 8 @ 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm
    She Means Business - A Women's Panel Discussion @ Ignite Labs Inc


    Date: October 8th, 2019 6pm-8pm

    Location: Ignite Labs Inc, 208 Main Street Yarmouth NS B5A 1C7

    Join us for an evening of women empowerment and the struggles and the successes that women face on a day to day basis in the business world.

    Ignite Labs is proud to be hosting our very first women’s panel discussion and we are inviting you to join in on the conversation.

    Light refreshments will be provided along with 2 special guest speakers that will be guiding the conversation through out the evening.

    Come prepared with questions you may have around women in business, the struggles you may face and what opportunities you wish to see happen more in our community and at Ignite.

    Let’s start this conversation! #womenempowerment