TURN2 Innovation Inc. is an innovative research and development company that focuses on developing great new products. Our extensive history and success in the sports industry and product development field makes us the ideal company to bring new products to market for us and our clients.


Xona Games is an award-winning Xbox and PlayStation indie game studio, co-founded by twin brothers, that makes intense arcade-style retro games. The incorporation, its games, its engine technologies, and its developers have all won prestigious awards and received worldwide press. Xona Games Inc. has won over $180,000 in prizes. Its games have ranked from #1 in Canada to #1 in Japan, and have become #1 best sellers in multiple countries. Its developers have placed #1 in competitive gaming competitions relating to the same genre of games they make.


Saltwreck inc. was created for all proud Canadians with a desire for high quality, locally made artwork. Saltwreck creates beautiful prints that are 100% made in the Maritimes. Our design concept is a combination of “maps as art” placed inside local iconic shapes. The prints are intended to pull at your heartstrings and are unique, bold, and eye-catching.

Saltwreck founders Miguel D’Eon and Mark Dunkley are huge advocates of buying locally. In fact, when it all started in 2016, they wanted to make sure right away that everything was sourced and fulfilled locally. To this day, Saltwreck continues to use a small print shop in Yarmouth, Nova Scotia. We guarantee to provide the highest possible quality print coupled with an awesome customer service experience.


Tactical Acuity is an innovation company focused on developing ground-breaking applications for the military and rescue environments. Tactical Acuity recently was a finalist and one of the winners in the Innovacorp Spark Innovation Challenge. The company is focusing on commercializing their technology and bringing it to market.


The Lobster Trap Company Limited is focused on building, and supplying a 21st Century Lobster Trap that supports “UPSTREAM-SUSTAINABILITY” of our lobster stock. This refers to improving the gear used to catch lobster and sustain our precious lobster stocks.


Ironwave Productions has extensive experience in Voice-Over Production. Ironwave prides itself on working one-on-one with people of all ages, meeting specific client needs and working with deadlines, and is dedicated to producing world-class Voice-Over Production.


Aerial Ridge is a Film Production & Marketing Company. We create content for business of any size and distribute across all media platforms.

Mike is the Owner, Cinematographer, and Drone Pilot of Aerial Ridge Marketing & Film.

​Born and raised in the small fishing community of Yarmouth, Nova Scotia. That’s where Mike found his passion for film making.

In 2014 Mike moved to Halifax, NS and began studying Digital Filmmaking at da Vinci College. While attending he had the opportunity to work on many short films, documentary’s, interview’s, and a feature film movie where Mike gained quality experience by working and living on set.

After graduating in 2016 Mike moved back home to Yarmouth and teamed up with Jordan to create Aerial Ridge Marketing & Film.

Jordan is the Co-Founder of Aerial Ridge Marketing & Film.

Born and raised in Yarmouth, a small community in Nova Scotia. Jordan’s passion for business began in 2014 when he started his career in Marketing for Second Dimension International.

Later Jordan applied both his natural talent and developed skill sets to become a significant part at General Motors in 2017.

​His passion and ambition will bring a divergent impact to the industry at Aerial Ridge Marketing & Film.


Jonathan Raimund Skjelmose is the founder of BlackWatch.Tech a startup tech company in Yarmouth, NS.

Being raised in the fishing community of Yarmouth wanted to create a tech company which would make a difference in the local fishing industry and innovate safety equipment to make fisherman safer at sea.

Jonathan studied at Saint Mary’s University and then went on to graduate studies at University of British Columbia. Before starting BlackWatch.Tech was in the Canadian Army for 12 years did a tour in Afghanistan during that time. Jonathan having run numerous businesses in both Canada and the USA is committed to building businesses which help the community and creates employment here in Nova Scotia.


I love to find other people’s potential for success and help them to achieve and realize their goals. I also feel obligated to help change and make the world more inclusive for everyone. Both of those things along with the fact that helping others to learn and be more knowledgeable is one of my greatest joys, has lead me to create my own website where I help do all of these things. Whether it be from presentations or speeches I travel around to do, multi sport camps run for youth with disabilities, leading by example and taking on crazy adventures to break barriers, or even just simply podcasting I plan on doing it all and sharing my journey and content with everyone through my website. Come check out some cool content, learn a thing or two and follow me on my journey!


Wintergarden is a board game design company based on cooperative games.

Wintergarden was created to bring people together through play. Its founder, Josh Robertson, focuses on creating games with quality local and sustainable materials. His aim is to spark teamwork and creativity in others with games that will challenge friends and families alike.

Josh’s first locally designed board game, Limitless Valley, is an immersive adventure game, combining landscapes on wooden tiles and hundreds of unique cards all hand drawn in watercolour. Limitless Valley is currently in its testing phase. Visit Ignite to meet Josh and be a part of the test group for Limitless Valley!

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