Learn more about IGNITE’s industry projects and partnerships.

COVE brings together people, ideas, industry and research to help our  community and members work in new ways.Together, we are a catalyst in creating the world’s next practical, commercial and revolutionary ocean tech  advances. Located in Halifax Nova Scotia, on the world’s second largest natural harbour. Click on the image about this paragraph to learn more.

IGNITE and several partners have created e-port as a free service to help businesses in Atlantic Canada build their online presence. Businesses complete a free assessment, and receive a customized roadmap with virtual resources to join the digital wave. The easiest way to build your online presence along the East Coast is with e-port!

Based in rural Nova Scotia, the seafood industry is an important economic sector to IGNITE. Funding entrepreneurs and start-ups with passion for an enormous part of our community is part of the core of our business. When we help you, the community gets stronger. Through competitions and tenant community, IGNITE is growing with the seafood industry.

IGNITE has proudly been involved in multiple COVID-19 relief projects. PPE is an important part of allowing rural and local businesses to thrive in the new economy, and IGNITE is excited to provide resources allowing for the community to do so. Are you in need of protective equipment to keep your operations running but you are unsure of where to source it?