Facing a healthcare landscape strained by challenges ranging from accessibility issues to resource constraints, these forward-thinking companies are stepping up to the plate, offering solutions that not only address immediate challenges but also pave the way for a healthier future. By leveraging cutting-edge technology, inter-industry collaboration, and a commitment to addressing critical needs, they are playing a pivotal role in innovating Nova Scotia’s healthcare system.  In this article, we’ll shine a spotlight on four companies that are leading the charge in health innovation within Nova Scotia.

1. Virtual Hallway Consults Inc.

Virtual Hallway is an online marketplace that connects primary care clinicians who need to discuss a patient case with specialist physicians who provide clinical advice. It offers an easy, rapid, documented and reimbursed way to get questions answered and optimize patient care. They also offer bi-monthly accredited continuing medical education webinars to their members.

2. Hollo Medical Inc.

90% of inhaler users do not receive their medication correctly, resulting in patients feeling sicker and going to the hospital more often! To help them, they are prescribed with a large tube-like device (a chamber), necessary to ensure the medication goes to the lungs, but they are so bulky, and unintuitive that as few as 10% use one! Hollo, with the help of ~ 1000 patients and experts, replaced this cumbersome tube, with a chamber so portable that it fits into a child’s pocket, and with an added feature that can deliver medication properly every time! Learn more by watching the video on their website.

3. Ring Rescue

Hundreds of millions of people wear rings every day, fingers can swell for many reasons, and stuck rings are a common problem that can become a medical emergency. Visiting a hospital and undergoing a medical procedure involving a power tool from a nearby hardware store might not be the most appealing thought. However, this unconventional approach was a common solution for individuals facing the predicament of a ring stuck on their finger. The lack of a proper medical device for a medical problem led to the establishment of Ring Rescue Inc. in 2018, with the goal of solving the problem of stuck rings.

From a deal on Dragons Den, to top hospitals and fire departments across North America, their innovative solution, the Ring Rescue Kit™, presents the safest, easiest, and most effective methods for removing trapped rings. The Kit includes the Dolphin™ Ring Cutter, which easily cuts through any type of ring metal (including Titanium and Tungsten Carbide rings) while ensuring the safety of both the patient and the healthcare provider. Additionally, the Kit features the Compression Device™, which reduces finger swelling. This enables professionals to either safely remove stuck rings in one piece or to create sufficient space for inserting the Dolphin™ Ring Cutter guard beneath the ring. This innovation enhances patient comfort and satisfaction throughout the ring removal process. Learn more about Ring Rescue at: ringrescue.com.

4. Mimosa Diagnostics Inc.

MIMOSA Diagnostics Inc. is a leading provider in intuitive, equitable, and accessible healthcare technology. Their flagship product, the MIMOSA Pro is a handheld imaging device that empowers clinicians to see physiological biomarkers beneath the skin’s surface helping clinicians identify early opportunities for intervention and next steps in treatment. The MIMOSA Pro relays images to a secure web-based platform that enables remote patient monitoring, clinician collaboration, and patient tracking over time. With the MIMOSA Pro, clinicians across the care continuum can accurately assess tissue health at the point of care.

A New Partnership: IGNITE and the Nova Scotia Health Innovation Hub

Last month, IGNITE was thrilled to announce a partnership with the Nova Scotia Health Innovation Hub – a first-of-its-kind center of excellence for health research and innovation in Atlantic Canada! By combining forces, IGNITE and the Nova Scotia Health Innovation Hub aim to drive even greater advancements in healthcare technology, research, and solutions. 

We will collaborate to encourage community outreach, technology showcases, training and workshops to support the success of entrepreneurs, businesses and the Nova Scotia Health Authority to innovate new solutions that can be applied to existing healthcare challenges across Nova Scotia.

IGNITE: Fostering Innovation in Rural Communities

IGNITE serves as a rural innovation hub that brings together communities, youth, startups, and traditional industries to catalyze positive transformation. Startups under the IGNITE umbrella receive unparalleled support and resources, propelling them towards success in a competitive market. Moreover, IGNITE collaborates with traditional industries, fostering innovative solutions to complex challenges and opening doors to global opportunities.

For those considering launching their innovative venture in rural Nova Scotia, IGNITE offers a residency program that provides essential resources. Check out IGNITE’s residency program to learn more.

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