Young Women’s Ocean Tech Challenge

Lobster Innovation

“The ocean is the new economic frontier. It holds the promise of immense resource wealth and great potential for boosting economic growth, employment and innovation”

-The Ocean Economy in 2030, OECD

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A little bit about the Challenge

What is the Challenge about?

Southwestern Nova Scotia has a vibrant ocean economy and is open to innovation in the Ocean Sector. The Ocean Economy is key to the growth and prosperity of our region and a expanding career pathway for students. The Young Womenʼs Ocean Tech Challenge is designed to help solve real challenges in the ocean and engage with young women to give them pathways into entrepreneur- ship and innovation centred in the Ocean Technology Sector.

The Young Womenʼs Ocean Tech Challenge is an innovation challenge for High School and College women. This is a real-life challenge facing the Ocean Technology Sector. The participants will form teams that will take on the challenge and will come up with solutions. The teams will be mentored through the process with Ignite Labs, Engineers Nova Scotia and the Centre of Ocean Ventures and Entrepreneurship (COVE). The teams will then pitch their solution to a panel of Female Engineers and Entrepreneurs during Pitch Night. Once the winners are chosen, they will be given a cash prize of $2000 and will receive further mentorship and incubation to help commercialize their idea through Ignite Labs and other partner organizations.

The Challenge

Lobster Fishing Innovation

The spiny crustacean is Nova Scotiaʼs most valuable seafood export and the biggest industry in Southwestern Nova Scotia, but for fishermen, trips to and from shore to check traps are costly, dangerous and labour intensive. Though there have been massive technology advances in other sectors, lobster fishing is still heavily reliant on manual processes in catching and baiting traps. Technological gaps still exist in this area and the opportunity is ripe for innovative solutions. The challenge for participants is to come up with an innovative solution and/or product that will help the safety, efficiency and production of lobster fishing. These can include environmental impact of fishing, safety, efficiency, automation, secondary products or uses and more.

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