Continuing our exploration of the strategic partnerships that fuel IGNITE Atlantic’s mission, here’s a look at additional collaborations that exemplify the power and diversity of our network. These partnerships extend our reach and impact across various sectors, further energizing rural Nova Scotia’s innovation landscape.

Dashboard Marketing

What They Do: Dashboard Marketing brings over 40 years of experience in diverse marketing sectors, offering strategy-first approaches to B2B, B2C, and more, across global markets.

Partnership with IGNITE: This partnership enriches our community with office hours for IGNITE residents and educational Lunch & Learns, sharing Dashboard’s extensive marketing wisdom.

Saint Francis Xavier University

What They Do: A key player in Canada’s educational landscape, St. Francis Xavier University offers a comprehensive liberal arts education and is known for its strong community involvement.

Partnership with IGNITE: The university collaborates with IGNITE on initiatives like the Up & Atom Youth Camps and the IGNITING Women in Business Speaker Series, fostering a bridge between education and entrepreneurship.

Dalhousie Agricultural Campus

What They Do: As part of Dalhousie University, this campus is Atlantic Canada’s hub for agricultural education and research, focusing on innovative and sustainable agricultural practices.

Partnership with IGNITE: Together, they’ve organized events such as the Exploring Opportunities in Agricultural Technology and participated in the Atlantic Food Automation Series, linking agricultural advancements with entrepreneurial opportunities.

Cumberland Business Connector

What They Do: This business-led nonprofit drives economic development across Cumberland County, supporting local businesses and fostering regional initiatives.

Partnership with IGNITE: Their collaboration includes organizing the IGNITING Women in Business events and Game Jam Next 2024, promoting entrepreneurship and innovation in the region.

Shiftkey Labs

What They Do: ShiftKey Labs fosters talent and innovation in Nova Scotia’s tech industry, focusing on computer science students and tech startups.

Partnership with IGNITE: This partnership has led to events like Game Jam Next, where tech skills and innovation meet real-world entrepreneurial challenges for local youth.


What They Do: The Tourism Industry Association of Nova Scotia advocates for and supports the province’s tourism sector, driving initiatives that bolster the industry’s growth and sustainability.

Partnership with IGNITE: Together, they host the Rural Nova Scotia Tourism Innovation Pitch Competition and IGNITE Tourism Startup Weekend, energizing tourism through innovative ideas and startups.

Creative Pictou County

What They Do: This volunteer-run nonprofit aims to support the growth of the creative sector in Pictou County through collaboration and community engagement.

Partnership with IGNITE: Their collaboration includes creative workshops and social events that nurture the local creative community, along with signed MOUs to formalize our joint efforts.


What They Do: The Canada Business Development Corporation assists in the creation and expansion of small businesses and startups, providing financial and technical services to entrepreneurs.

Partnership with IGNITE: CBDC supports IGNITE through events like the Bookkeeping Bootcamp and Small Business Week, enhancing business skills within the community.

Springboard Atlantic

What They Do: Springboard Atlantic fosters collaboration between post-secondary institutions and industry to grow Atlantic Canada’s innovation economy.

Partnership with IGNITE: We’ve teamed up to host events like “Developing an IP Strategy to Grow Your Business,” crucial for startups looking to navigate the complexities of intellectual property.

Pictou County Partnership

What They Do: Tasked with driving economic development in Pictou County, this organization fosters a culture of collaboration and sustainable growth.

Partnership with IGNITE: Their initiatives with IGNITE include Green Tech Socials and the Side Hustle Starter Kit, among other community-building and educational events.

Western Regional Enterprise Network

What They Do: This network creates a business-friendly environment in Southwest Nova Scotia, focusing on workforce development, business succession, and infrastructure improvements.

Partnership with IGNITE: The collaboration features Small Business Week, Socials and the Lobster Bait Challenge, promoting regional economic development through innovative and practical challenges.

Pictou County Chamber of Commerce

What They Do: As an advocate for regional economic growth, the Chamber organizes educational events, supports workplace diversity, and fosters community engagement.

Partnership with IGNITE: They share office space with IGNITE, host the $100 Youth Startup Challenge, and facilitate various networking events, strengthening the local business community.

These partnerships are just a slice of the vibrant collaborative network at IGNITE Atlantic. Each partner brings unique assets and expertise, contributing significantly to our mission of fostering innovation and economic growth in rural Nova Scotia. Together, we’re not just imagining a brighter future; we’re building it.

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