IGNITE Residency

Residency at IGNITE gives you the

resources, mentorship and space

you need to grow your startup or idea.

Residency at IGNITE gives you the resources, mentorship and space you need to grow your startup or idea.


IGNITE is a rural innovation hub where ideas become reality. Entrepreneurs and startup businesses at any stage benefit from the structure, mentorship, and opportunities provided by IGNITE. We welcome & encourage everyone to explore how they can make change possible in a rural community. By engaging youth, communities, startups, and industry to find solutions for challenges being faced in the region, IGNITE is creating a local culture of innovation.

IGNITE workspaces facilitate networking and business growth

Being an IGNITE resident has provided us with an incredible support network. IGNITE helps us connect with the business community and other entrepreneurs and offers resources to help grow the business – worth its weight in gold!

Lydia Sayeau

Co-Founder, New Brooklyn Media

Benefits of IGNITE Residency:

  • Access to all coworking benefits:
    • High-speed internet
    • Collaborative lounge space
    • Free networking events
    • Free parking
    • Use of professional business address
    • Meeting room access (bookings required)
  • Access for up to 3 employees
  • 24/7 building access & key FOB
  • Mentoring services
  • Access to partner resources
  • Entrepreneurship training
  • Equipment use:
    • Camera & drone (off-site use)
    • 3D printer
    • Cricut
    • Photo booth
  • Access to IGNITE locations (Yarmouth and New Glasgow)
  • Access to temporary daily workspace in Halifax (with prior notice) 
  • IGNITE Campus (Digital access) 
  • Promotion through IGNITE Marketing & Podcast
  • In-house trained specialist
  • Office hours with local experts
  • Research & development support

IGNITE Residents gain access to our partner organizations, including:

New Glasgow Resident Companies

Discover The Strait

Discover the Strait is an IGNITE Atlantic resident that brings local Northumberland Strait fishermen together on one platform to offer visitors unforgettable, authentically Nova Scotian, experiences on the beautiful Northumberland Strait. The platform, developed in partnership between the Tourism Industry Association of Nova Scotia and the fishermen, offers a variety of world-class marine experiences on the Northumberland Strait, conveniently accessible on one trusted platform. By bringing local boat owners together, the platform fulfills all customer touch points to put visitors on the wharf, ready to board a boat and experience the beauty of the Northumberland Strait.


New Brooklyn Media

New Brooklyn Media is a full-service production company offering video, photo and design services based in New Glasgow, Nova Scotia. Every client is unique and every bit of content should reflect that. We work closely with our clients to produce content that is authentic, beautiful and impactful.



BRAEVR is a Virtual Reality video production company. We create fully immersive storytelling experiences in the 360°, 180° Stereoscopic and Virtual Reality space. Our specialty is our creativity, craftsmanship and ability to bring engaging storytelling experiences to life. Our clients range from the federal government, tourism boards and industry sector development but the sky’s the limit for this technology. The future of storytelling lies in the virtual reality space and we are here to help connect brands to this incredible ever emerging technology.

Home Page

The Meadows Retreat & Creative Space

The Meadows Retreat & Creative Space welcomes all travelers, creatives and artists wishing to explore the northern shore of Nova Scotia – whether this ocean playground is their home, or if they come from away.

The future of The Meadows not only includes this beautiful three-bedroom farmhouse, but also an artist studio for residencies and retreats and small cabins to allow for groups to stay on this 25+ acre property.


Next Level Skin Care

Next Level Skin Care was established in February 2023 by Melissa MacIntosh. Melissa’s initial inspiration to create a skin care cream began when she was preparing to become a certified manual lymphatic drainage therapist in August 2022. This training allows her to work with and help individuals with chronic swelling, lymphedema. Knowing that this condition compromises the integrity of the skin, and puts those individuals at higher risks of infection, Melissa wanted to create something natural that her clients could use. Their product is great for all skin types including those with eczema and acne prone skin. Next Level Skin Care is made with all natural ingredients to help you have peace of mind knowing you have a quality product for your skin. 

Radiant Health Solutions Inc.

Radiant Health Solutions Inc, a holistic medical clinic based in Pictou County, is dedicated to enhancing the health of our community. This Nurse Practitioner led clinic offers a unique combination of medical aesthetics, advanced specialized treatments and holistic patient care, guided by Nova Scotia College of Nursing’s best practice principles. Its approach emphasizes self-worth and personal goal attainment while expanding access to specialized patient care, ensuring a supportive and valued healthcare experience.

Committed to growing alongside Pictou County, the team at Radiant Health Solutions strives to ensure every patient feels acknowledged, heard, and well-cared for. The clinic has partnered with IGNITE, aiming to revolutionize patient care in the region with the right support and resources

Elwood Pens

Student Entrepreneur

Elwood Pens is a  handcrafted wooden  pen and pencil  manufacturer based out of northern Nova Scotia.

The business began as a school project making handmade wooden pens and mechanical pencils in September of 2014, and after many different names was registered as an official small business as ‘Elwood Pens’ on June 6th of 2016. Elwood Pens will be incorporating over the summer of 2023.

The business will be beginning production in May of 2023, after stopping operations for approximately 3 years. The first batch of pens will be available to the public on October 1st, 2023.

The company has made pens from over 40 different types of wood from around the world as well as a number of different styles of pens/pencils. Wood from as far away from as Ukraine, and Brazil. But also, local hardwoods from Nova Scotia such as Birdseye Maple.

The name ‘Elwood’ comes from Elwood Mackay, the paternal grandfather of Dylan Thompson-MacKay. Who is the founder of Elwood Pens.

The brand Elwood is all about inspiring people to Write Their Own Story.

Elwood Pens is built around the 3 values of: Quality, Authenticity, and Sustainability.

Elwood Pens is committed to providing the highest quality handmade wooden pens and mechanical pens possible, and to be a business leader in Atlantic Canada.


Sunnyside Self Wellness

Student Entrepreneur

Camilla Thompson is an author and educator who is passionate about increasing the peace and positivity in our post pandemic world. She is developing a new business, , which promotes mental health and pro social skill development through children’s literature, educational resources and engaging workshops for youth and families.

Camilla has introduced individuals of all ages, backgrounds and abilities to tier two mental health practices like Meditation and Mindfulness, Gratitude, Kindness to Self and Others, Mindful Eating and Movement, and Creative Self Expression. She was the cofounder and Director of Programming for The Dream Candy Organization, and the a Director of Student Support for Bridgeway Academy. She has worked as a Social Skills and Social Emotional Learning instructor.

Melmerby Adventures

Student Entrepreneur

Sam Thompson, the 20-year-old entrepreneur behind the business, has been creating and selling unique products since he was just 12 years old. It all began with Christmas tree ornaments made from pumpkin seeds, which quickly sold out at local markets. Encouraged by the market manager, Sam began experimenting with different products and eventually settled on creating birdhouses from wood salvaged from a barn. As his business grew, Sam continued to experiment with new products and eventually found success with his surprise soap – a bar of soap with a toy hidden inside, including popular characters like Lego. In addition to his soap business, Sam recently launched Melmerby Adventures, renting paddle boards, kayaks, and a pedal boat from his grandmother’s property on the inner bay at Melmerby Provincial Park. We look forward to supporting Sam as he continues to grow his businesses.

East Bay Tech Labs

We build high-performance SaaS trading + exchange system software for high frequency low latency environments.  https://eastbaytechlab.com/

Clever Fruit Products

Clever’s mission is to enhance the health of society by increasing the potency of fruit polyphenols through fermentation.
Polyphenols are a category of naturally occurring organic compounds found mostly in fruits and vegetables that have powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. However, each fruit and indeed each variety of fruit has a distinct polyphenol profile. Here at Clever, we’re focused on polyphenol-rich superfruits. We have researched the wild blueberry, apple and cranberry fruits, each of which have shown significant positive contributions to specific health outcomes.
As valuable as fruit polyphenols can be for the human body, the complex chemical structures of the raw fruit inhibit the absorption potential of the polyphenolic compounds in the human body.
Our all-natural, proprietary fermentation technology enhances the bioavailability and potency of superfruit polyphenols, resulting in functional ingredients that are superior to the original fruit.

A. Langley Developments

A. Langley Developments is a development team focused on the business of destination development. Adam Langley, Owner and Founder, has extensive experience in property operations and development that he has developed over 20 years. Through this, Adam has crafted his skills as an expert businessman and developer.
A. Langley Developments has identified four fundamental ingredients necessary to build a desirable destination – infrastructure, service, experience and promotion.  These ingredients form the foundation of a Destination Development Plan. This is the approach the team takes to ensure they are helping clients understand how to bring infrastructure and services together to develop a marketable destination product. The approach is multi-faceted – helping clients plan, design and manage opportunities. The team is able to do this by identifying strategic assets, connecting aspirations to existing and new markets, and broadening opportunities with the intention of creating destinations that are a catalyst for economic growth.

Turning Page

Enjoying a good book, one page at a time.

Hearth Botanicals


A B2B SaaS platform for procurement orchestration, Spend analytics and PO automation. It will be backed by Generative AI and process orchestration.

Scotian Carpet Cleaning

Scotian Carpet Cleaning’s goal is to provide impeccable service, honest quotes and helpful consultations. Always making sure your needs are the priority, we offer high-quality service for residential/commercial carpet, upholstery, mattress and rug cleaning in Pictou County.

INSTINCT(™) Dog Behavior & Training

INSTINCT(™) Dog Behavior & Training is a canine behavioral health company, featuring 10 locations across North America and an online school that serves over 25,000 students. We specialize in behavior modification (fear, aggression, and anxiety), life skills training, and puppy development, using a science-based approach focused on positive reinforcement. Our experienced and certified behavior consultants and trainers are committed to strengthening the bond between dogs and their owners, providing both in-person and virtual training options to suit your needs.

Yarmouth Resident Companies

3DLife Inc

3DLife Inc. is an education and coaching company determined to advance what effective organizational and business leadership looks, sounds, and feels like so leaders can build stronger teams, transform workplace cultures, enhance overall wellbeing, and achieve desired results. 3DLife Inc. offers facilitation, speaking, and mentor-coaching services and programs, and uses our expertise in the field of education, leadership, and human skills development to support current and aspiring leaders toward more effective communication, relationships, and performance – without sacrificing what matters.



Katchi is developing a SmartNet  using  herding and deterring technology and seeks to deploy uncrewed service vessels (USVs) to improve the efficiency of conventional trawl fishing.


Greenlight Studios

Greenlight Studios is a full-Time Video and Audio Studio. We specialize in Music Videos, Live off the Floor Music Production and Commercial Video of all types. We also are the biggest producer of professional Real Estate Walkthroughs video and 3D Tours in the Yarmouth Area. We have helped sell hundreds of homes throughout the Tri-Counties.



Mycaro is a high protein, upcycled mycelium ground that is produced through the fermentation of agricultural by-products. This mycelium ground allows consumers to enjoy versatile, sustainable protein with a neutral taste and desirable texture.

ASBB Consulting

ASBB Consulting is an economic advisory firm based in Yarmouth, NS specializing in providing research and economic advisory services to rural and remote communities to promote sustainable and diversified growth. We believe in empowering communities to build a better future through providing economic and strategic planning advice on initiatives, such as education, health, economic, social, and infrastructure projects. ​We are dedicated to helping rural communities reach their potential and play an active role in their own development. We strive to create lasting change and improve the lives of those living in rural areas.

We empower local leaders with providing the economic insights necessary to diversify the rural economic base, attract new businesses and industries and create a business-friendly environment. Ultimately, our goal is to contribute to a stronger, more resilient rural economy that creates long-term jobs, encourages innovation, and improves the quality of life of all community members.


Snap Innovations Inc.

Snap Innovations Inc. was founded in 2020 by a group of like-minded innovators focused on solving real challenges and developing innovative products.

Our team brings together an expert group of engineers, innovators and product development specialists with a variety of backgrounds including sailing, marine engineering, sport product development, hunting and fishing.  The team came together to establish Snap Innovations to develop new and innovative products for problems they faced in their work.  The focus at the beginning was to develop quick-connectors with superior strength that could work in harsh environments with just one hand.  Putting our teams engineering capabilities to work…our first versions of SeaSnap came to life.

By testing different materials, configurations and designs…the SeaSnap emerged with a simple push-to-connect design and an easy squeeze release.  These products are like no other in the industry and our approach of continual improvements in our designs and innovations are leading to new and innovative products to add to our lineup.


TURN2 Innovation Inc.

 TURN2 Innovation Inc. is an innovative research and development company that focuses on developing great new products.  Our extensive history and success in the sports industry and product development field makes us the ideal company to bring new products to market for us and our clients.


Atrio Sports

Atrio sports provides a centralized networking and scheduling platform that revolutionizes the Sports Relationship Management Industry (SRM) by redefining the way we navigate the sports world.


P.A.C.E Wellness

Evelena Beaton is passionate about supporting people on their wellness journey, no matter their pace or age. Although she spent the majority of her career working with geriatrics, she started her private practice as a way to support people of all ages towards a healthy and fulfilling life. One of the many life lessons Evelena learned from the seniors that she worked with was to live your life with no regrets, and keeping that lesson in mind while building her practice has been key. “Do what you love and have fun doing it!”

P.A.C.E Wellness offers nutrition and wellness services, including menu review & development, as well as yoga sessions.


Virtual Hallway Consults Inc

Virtual Hallway is an online marketplace that connects primary care clinicians who need to discuss a patient case with specialist physicians who provide clinical advice. It offers an easy, rapid, documented and reimbursed way to get questions answered and optimize patient care. We also offer bi-monthly accredited continuing medical education webinars to our members.



tlanticWild™ manufactures and distributes gourmet seafood-based wellness booster products offering health benefits beyond standard nutrition. We do so fueled by extensive research, culinary expertise, and an unwavering commitment to sustainability.

Products Range: Our current lineup of wellness booster prototypes excel in culinary taste and texture possess the real promise of enhancing general well-being such as weight management and active aging and do so while addressing specific health indicators such as cardio-vascular health. Our products have the potential to significantly improve targeted health markers, reshaping the way we view seafood’s role in optimizing health and clinical outcomes.

DS Plastics

 Production of various plastic granulates and filaments, plastic welding rod and wire, complex components in the extrusion or injection process from recycled plastic as well as 3D-Printing and design for technical and private applications.

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