TURN2 Innovation Inc. is an innovative research and development company that focuses on developing great new products. Their extensive history and success in the sports industry and product development field makes them the ideal company to bring new products to market.

Xona Games is an award-winning indie game studio that makes intense arcade-style retro games. Xona’s games have ranked #1 in Canada and Japan, have become #1 best sellers in multiple countries, and their developers have placed #1 in competitive gaming competitions.

Saltwreck inc. was created for all proud Canadians with a desire for high quality, locally made artwork. Saltwreck creates beautiful prints that are 100% made in the Maritimes. The prints are intended to pull at your heartstrings and are unique, bold, and eye-catching.

Aerial Ridge is a Film Production & Marketing Company. They create content for business of any size and distribute across all media platforms. They deliver visual storytelling through brand stories, explainer video’s, event video’s, commercial’s, documentaries and more .

London Calling British Boutique is a new business offering a range of imported products from the UK and Europe.  They will be opening a retail store and small tearoom in Yarmouth in spring 2021 and will be offering a unique experience for customers to shop British products, get groceries, take home baked goods, meats and cheeses. 

Wintergarden is a board game design company based on cooperative games. Its aim is to spark teamwork and creativity in others with games that will challenge friends and families alike. 

Kylie Brownell, chef and owner at Wild Roots Catering is now an Ignite Labs Resident company. Kylie is the runner up from the Win This Space contest.


Keep It Simple Coaching & Consulting is a human-centered and client-driven business aimed at supporting individuals and organizations. Through personalized conversations, group workshops, and consultation services, Change & Transition Coach, Michelle Hurlburt works with clients to help them reflect on, identify, and set personal and professional goals.

The Lobster Trap Company Limited is focused on building, and supplying a 21st Century Lobster Trap that supports “UPSTREAM-SUSTAINABILITY” of lobster stock. This refers to improving the gear used to catch lobster and sustain lobster stocks.

Loving Nova Scotia and all that it provides, Big Cove Foods brings you as many local ingredients as possible, some even grown directly from their farm. Big Cove Foods is providing a product that will spark creativity in people’s own kitchens as moving to the country has done for them. The focus on providing a great quality product worthy all kitchens.

When we donate, we often don’t know how effective our dollars are. Pinkaloo solves that by creating the best donor experience possible. Pinkaloo’s goal is to help individuals not only budget their giving, but find the right organizations to support, and make the process easy, fun, and modern.

Powered by Global Villages – Talenca is empowering the Renaissance of Rural by connecting smart innovations that solve local challenges with champions in Nova Scotia and the Atlantics.  Bridging the divide between rural startups and investors.

Green Oil Solutions specializes in oil filtration technology, and is currently developing filtration systems for marine and near-shore industries including commercial fishing. Green Oil also has a service to clean contaminants out diesel fuel and hydraulic oil for heavy machinery and equipment.

SNAP Innovations specializes in patented attachment devices for the Sports and Outdoor industry and the Marine Sector.  Their unique designs focus on one-handed operation and high strength for the biggest tasks in the outdoor and marine sectors.

Word-craft is a brand-building and social media strategy company.  Need an elevator pitch? A bio? A press release? Need it translated? How about an entire social media strategy? Word-craft helps you get your message out so you can attract customers and build your brand.

OlyUp Technologies is a software tool that coaches can use to either enhance their programming workflows through data analytics or automate their ability to prepare training programs for athletes, based on their sport, position and individual characteristics. 

Sissiboo Bioceuticals Inc.
William (Bill) Fleming
 Sissiboo Bioceuticals Inc. is a Mi’kmaq special purpose capital-corporation (SPC) situated out of Yarmouth, Nova Scotia and working through IgniteAtlantic to identify, formulate and commercialize active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) products solely from fish waste”.


Amplify Winners

Kirsten Ellis – Flood Tide Nursery
Flood Tide Nursery is a native species nursery that produces tidal wetland and coastal plants for environmental restoration and living shoreline projects in Atlantic Canada. Healthy, resilient plants helping to build healthy ecosystems and resilient coastal communities.
Ashley Hickey – Rewired Communications
We’re a hands-on, on-the-ground kind of team that does things a whole lot differently, in a good way! We help businesses stop wasting time and resources by implementing different tools and systems for each area of your business through our newly- launched core product offerings Squire EMS & Shop This Locale. Finally, connected services that effortlessly manage enterprise operations from the supply chain through to the point of sales on any device. Rewired Communications operates from Amherst, Nova Scotia, with customers all across Nova Scotia and Overseas across every imaginable industry. 
Riley Cook – Atlantic Efficiency Consultants 
 Atlantic Efficiency Consultants (AEC) offers the unique service of independently assessing and implementing the use of lithium-ion battery technology for electrical peak shaving services in commercial and industrial businesses. Our unique engineering solutions provide substantial monthly savings on electricity bills to our clients. Solutions are provided through direct purchase, financing or contractual profit-sharing arrangements. 
Sanjay Thompson – De-Ice My Auto
De-Ice My Auto is a Vehicle Snow Removal service, clearing Snow & Ice from clients car, parking space & Driveways.
De-Ice My Auto is based in Halifax Nova Scotia, registered on July 20th 2020, and currently serves 20 clients between Lower Sackville & Eastern Passage between the ages 24 to 87.

Obiora Imah – Pazi 
By using this money transfer app Pazi brings the human experience and process efficiency that makes money transfer a fun thing to do in a way that keeps people connected

Sharif Virani and Vivek – Maritime Property Auctions provides homeowners and small developers with all the tools ( photo, video, localized information and data, drone footage, social integration, mailist list / watch alerts, curated search features ) they need to promote the sale of their properties online while also offering an alternative business model to traditional real estate sales. We recognize that there is an increasing supply of homes in the Maritimes without adequate real estate industry infrastructure, both offline and online, to support the demand for these types of properties. With our flat percent listing fee we are allowing homeowners to interact directly with the buyers through an auction-like environment and empowering them to take part in the sales process without the emotional challenges presented by a traditional FSBO transaction.