TURN2 Innovation Inc. is an innovative research and development company that focuses on developing great new products. Their extensive history and success in the sports industry and product development field makes them the ideal company to bring new products to market.

Xona Games is an award-winning indie game studio that makes intense arcade-style retro games. Xona’s games have ranked #1 in Canada and Japan, have become #1 best sellers in multiple countries, and their developers have placed #1 in competitive gaming competitions.


Saltwreck inc. was created for all proud Canadians with a desire for high quality, locally made artwork. Saltwreck creates beautiful prints that are 100% made in the Maritimes. The prints are intended to pull at your heartstrings and are unique, bold, and eye-catching.
Aerial Ridge is a Film Production & Marketing Company. They create content for business of any size and distribute across all media platforms.
Ryan Shay loves to find other people’s potential for success and help them to achieve and realize their goals. He also feels obligated to help change and make the world more inclusive for everyone.


Wintergarden is a board game design company based on cooperative games. Its aim is to spark teamwork and creativity in others with games that will challenge friends and families alike. Visit Ignite to meet Josh, the founder of of Wintergarden, and be a part of the test group for Limitless Valley!

Founded in 2018 by its leader, Matthew Ellis, Iron Wave Productions has grown to include multiple voice artists able to deliver English and French vocal content, along with a dedicated support team that holds it all together.

Working from local venues to global markets, Iron Wave Productions is always ready for the next vocal project. Contact us today at!

Tactical Acuity is an innovation company focused on developing ground-breaking applications for the military and rescue environments. Tactical Acuity recently was a finalist and one of the winners in the Innovacorp Spark Innovation Challenge. The company is focusing on commercializing their technology and bringing it to market.


The Lobster Trap Company Limited is focused on building, and supplying a 21st Century Lobster Trap that supports “UPSTREAM-SUSTAINABILITY” of lobster stock. This refers to improving the gear used to catch lobster and sustain the precious lobster stocks.
BlackWatch.Tech is a startup tech company based in Yarmouth, NS making a difference in the local fishing industry and innovating safety equipment to make fisherman safer at sea.

The Pinkaloo journey started to help solve a problem that we all faced — we didn’t feel great about our charitable giving. When we donate, we often don’t know how effective our dollars are. Pinkaloo solves that by creating the best donor experience possible. Pinkaloo’s goal is to help individuals not only budget their giving, but find the right organizations to support, and make the process easy, fun, and modern.


Jade’s vision is simple: Help women see their bodies differently, while also embracing their sexuality- often for the first time in their entire lives. She has also made it her personal mission to open conversations about sex, female reproductive health, and intimacy. Jade Malone Photography and her podcast, Wild Conversations, aims to take the shame out of female sexuality.


Green Oil Solutions specializes in oil filtration technology, and is currently developing filtration systems for marine and near-shore industries including commercial fishing. Green Oil also has a service to clean contaminants out diesel fuel and hydraulic oil for heavy machinery and equipment.

Tightline Anchor Inc. has redefined safe and effective, high performance anchoring tools for the paddlesports, small craft, and personal watercraft markets. Their game changing and innovative grapnel styled K4x and K5 models are defined by a solid lightweight, collapsible, and compact design that is comprised of the highest quality certified materials. Newly based out of Antigonish, their products are marketed and sold globally. As a result of constant research and development, Tightline Anchor is looking forward to further growth and expansion into the marine industry with the launch of two new Hydra models for 2020.


Word-craft is a brand-building and social media strategy company.  Need an elevator pitch? A bio? A press release? Need it translated? How about an entire social media strategy? Word-craft helps you get your message out so you can attract customers and build your brand.


Cultivated Eco Systems is a women led, zero waste, Ag-tech company that is developing a soil probiotic to stabilize damaged soil environments to improve plant growth and crop yields. They recently won both the XLR8R Competition and the Spark Innovation Challenge for a total of $50,000 prize money in 2019. 

Keep It Simple Coaching & Consulting is a human-centered and client-driven business aimed at supporting individuals and organizations in making and managing change. Through personalized conversations, group workshops, and consultation services, Change & Transition Coach, Michelle Hurlburt works with clients to provide opportunities that help them reflect on, identify, and set personal and professional goals. The result? The development of a simple, awareness-based, next-level action plan that creates lasting and meaningful change in their personal or professional environment.

Keppoch Mountain is innovating the tourism industry by turning an unused ski mountain into the premier mountain biking destination for Atlantic Canada. In 2019, Josh and Logan from Keppoch Mountain won the Tourism Startup Weekend at IGNITE Northern and went on to win the TIANS Pitch Competition in Halifax. These young entrepreneurs are working with IGNITE to build an event series to highlight Atlantic Canada as a mountain biking destination. 

Renewly educates and empowers property owners to go solar by conducting energy assessments and making connections to local, trusted, and experienced solar energy installers. Rinu and Yohan are two young entrepreneurs who understand what it means to build something from the ground up. Having recently relocated from Ontario, they have built Renewly Initiatives to solve a problem they identified in Nova Scotia.

Flilo Solutions is a software development company where we focus on data management solutions. We look to automate processes and create an online application customized to your needs for companies of all sizes. We develop innovative SaaS solutions to provide total management of your business data. Based in Yarmouth, NS.

Ben lives and works here in Nova Scotia. He has been a designer for more than six years and over that time have come to specialize in branding, package design and strategy. He has worked with some leading businesses and organizations both here in my community and around the world. He loves using design to help businesses reach their full potential, whether that’s through defining their brand, designing new packaging or solving a problem unique to their industry.

DNAX is an athletic clothing brand that originates from Antigonish. Started by two St. Francis Xavier University students, Alex Cormier and Adam Starr, DNAX is a brand that is defined by three core principles: Discipline, Nerve, and Ambition. These qualities and talents are part of our DNA, and they differentiate our unique stories from the rest. Adam and Alex are looking to build this brand from the ground up to support all athletes on their path to success.

Chapel Cover Chocolate is a New Glasgow chocolatier, who produces custom gourmet chocolate bars and novelty items for retail, tourism, conventions, weddings, and special events. Originally started in 2013 they have been growing ever since. Working with IGNITE they are branching out into customized product lines for corporate orders and export. 

Loving Nova Scotia and all that it provides, Big Cove Foods brings you as many local ingredients as possible, some even grown directly from their farm. When it comes to Dave’s spice blends, he uses great local ingredients and the best herbs and spices from around the world. Big Cove Foods is providing a product that will spark creativity in people’s own kitchens as moving to the country has done for them. The focus on providing a great quality product worthy all kitchens.