IGNITE Atlantic is making significant strides in rural Nova Scotia by leveraging the strength of its partnerships to drive innovation and growth. This blog post shines a light on these key partnerships, exploring how each organization contributes to the mission of IGNITE. It also highlights the collective impact on rural Nova Scotia’s economic and entrepreneurial landscape. Through these collaborations, IGNITE Atlantic is not only supporting local entrepreneurs and startups but is also addressing broader challenges faced by the community, showcasing the power of partnership in achieving sustainable growth and innovation.

Nova Scotia Health Authority Innovation Hub

What They Do: The NSHA is pivotal in improving healthcare through innovation, research, and development. It aims to deliver better healthcare solutions for patients and providers in Nova Scotia, focusing on enhancing the overall health system’s efficiency and effectiveness.

Partnership with IGNITE: The collaboration has led to the development of the Youth Mental Health Innovation Challenge and the Art of the Possible event series. These initiatives combine IGNITE’s innovation-driven approach with NSHA’s healthcare expertise to tackle pressing health issues.


What They Do: Mitacs bridges the gap between academia and industry, creating pathways for innovation that address organizational challenges. It supports research and development across multiple sectors, playing a crucial role in expanding Canada’s innovation capacity.

Partnership with IGNITE: This partnership enables IGNITE-associated startups to access Mitacs programs, such as the Entrepreneur International program and the Accelerate program. These initiatives offer startups international business opportunities and financial support for research projects, driving forward innovation and development.


What They Do: Futurpreneur fuels the entrepreneurial spirit of young Canadians by providing financing, mentoring, and support tools. It stands as a national non-profit organization dedicated to building a vibrant future for aspiring business owners.

Partnership with IGNITE: The collaboration has led to the Supporting Rural Entrepreneurship speaker series, focusing on empowering young entrepreneurs in rural areas. This initiative leverages Futurpreneur’s resources and IGNITE’s local insight to foster entrepreneurship in Nova Scotia.

Nova Scotia Community College (NSCC)

Partnership with IGNITE: Through partnerships like Lunch and Learns, IGNITE and NSCC provide students with real-world insights into entrepreneurship and innovation. Additionally, NSCC students benefit from free access to IGNITE’s spaces and equipment, supporting their educational and entrepreneurial endeavors.

What They Do: NSCC is transforming Nova Scotia’s educational and training landscape, offering accessible, industry-driven training across its campuses. It prepares students for the workforce, equipping them with the necessary skills and knowledge for today’s job market.

Tribe Network

What They Do: Tribe Network is focused on empowering Black, Indigenous, and People of Colour (BIPOC) entrepreneurs through networking, resources, and support. It aims to improve the wellbeing of BIPOC communities by helping build successful companies.

Partnership with IGNITE: By signing an MOU and providing space for Tribe Network entrepreneurs, IGNITE supports the mission of creating more inclusive opportunities for innovation and entrepreneurship within diverse communities.

Enginuity Inc.

What They Do: Enginuity offers engineering, design, and strategic services to solve complex challenges. Their multidisciplinary approach brings innovative solutions to a range of industries, from seafood and aquaculture to product development.

Partnership with IGNITE: The collaboration includes seafood and aquaculture workshops and access to Enginuity’s services for IGNITE entrepreneurs. This partnership enhances the technical support available to startups, particularly those in sectors critical to Nova Scotia’s economy.

BDC (Business Development Bank of Canada)

What They Do: BDC supports small and medium-sized enterprises with financing, advisory services, and capital. It is dedicated to helping Canadian businesses grow and succeed, understanding the unique challenges they face.

Partnership with IGNITE: BDC’s presence in the IGNITE space through office hours, workshops, and networking events provides startups with direct access to financial and business advice, significantly benefiting the local entrepreneurial community.


What They Do: Propel is an online accelerator aiming to elevate tech startups to global success. It offers programs and support designed to fast-track company growth and development in the competitive tech industry.

Partnership with IGNITE: IGNITE’s partnership with Propel for the IGNITING Women in Business Retreat showcases a shared commitment to supporting female entrepreneurs in the tech sector, providing them with resources and networking opportunities to scale their businesses.

Elevate IP

What They Do: ElevateIP focuses on helping Canadian startups understand, manage, and leverage their intellectual property (IP). It provides tools and resources for strategic IP management, crucial for innovation-driven companies.

Partnership with IGNITE: Through this partnership, IGNITE startups receive assistance with their IP needs, ensuring they can protect and capitalize on their intellectual assets, a fundamental aspect of business success in the innovation economy.

Centre for Women in Business (CWB)

What They Do: CWB is dedicated to helping women in Canada start, grow, and lead businesses. It offers a range of services, from one-on-one business advice to networking events, tailored to the needs of female entrepreneurs.

Partnership with IGNITE: Collaboration with CWB includes hosting events like International Women’s Day and various lunch & learns. This partnership amplifies efforts to support female entrepreneurs, providing them with resources and a community to thrive.

Discovery Centre

What They Do: The Discovery Centre is a science and technology center that makes STEM accessible and fun for all ages. It offers interactive exhibits and educational programs to inspire future innovators.

Partnership with IGNITE: By working on Digital Discovery Camps and the Winter of Discovery event, IGNITE and the Discovery Centre encourage young minds to explore science and technology, nurturing the next generation of entrepreneurs and innovators.

Invest Nova Scotia

What They Do: Invest Nova Scotia supports business growth with initiatives that encourage investment, innovation, and development. It aims to create a sustainable economic future for the province.

Partnership with IGNITE: Events like Lunch and Learns, Supplier Diversity events, and social gatherings, hosted in collaboration with Invest Nova Scotia, provide valuable networking and learning opportunities, supporting the broader business ecosystem in Nova Scotia.

Digital Nova Scotia (DNS)

What They Do: DNS is the industry association for Nova Scotia’s ICT and digital technologies sector. It works to foster growth and promote successes within the digital economy.

Partnership with IGNITE: The partnership focuses on initiatives like Digital Discovery Camps, connecting the digital community and promoting innovation within the province’s growing ICT sector.

CEED (Centre for Entrepreneurship Education & Development)

What They Do: CEED supports entrepreneurship in Nova Scotia by providing knowledge, tools, and resources to start and grow businesses. It offers programs and consulting tailored to entrepreneurs at various stages.

Partnership with IGNITE: CEED provides dedicated office hours at IGNITE, offering one-on-one sessions that help startups navigate the challenges of entrepreneurship and business development.

Each of these partnerships exemplifies IGNITE’s commitment to innovation, community, and growth in rural Nova Scotia. By collaborating with organizations across health, academia, entrepreneurship, and more, IGNITE is building a stronger, more vibrant future for the region. These strategic alliances not only provide immediate benefits to local startups and entrepreneurs but also lay the groundwork for long-term economic development and innovation in rural Nova Scotia. Through these collaborative efforts, IGNITE Atlantic is not just a hub for innovation; it’s a catalyst for change, driving the region forward into a prosperous future.

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