In a region where tech companies are few and far between, IGNITE Atlantic is proud to support and nurture innovative tech startups that are making a significant impact. Operating in rural Nova Scotia, these companies are breaking new ground in technology and demonstrating that innovation knows no boundaries.

In this blog post, we will highlight five tech companies that are part of the IGNITE community. These companies are leading the way in their respective fields, showcasing the incredible potential and talent within rural Nova Scotia’s tech sector.

1. East Bay Tech Labs

East Bay Tech Labs builds high-performance Software as a Service (SaaS) trading and exchange system software for high frequency low latency environments. Designed for neo-banks, exchanges, paytech and financial institutions, their software can be embedded into systems for phenomenal cloud efficiency, composability and accelerated growth.

2. Proc-X

Proc-X is a Business To Business (B2B) Software as a Service (SaaS) platform for procurement orchestration, spend analytics and PO automation. It is currently in its early stages and  will be backed by Generative AI and process orchestration.

3. Virtual Hallway Consults Inc.

Virtual Hallway is an online marketplace that connects primary care clinicians who need to discuss a patient case with specialist physicians who provide clinical advice. It offers an easy, rapid, documented and reimbursed way to get questions answered and optimize patient care.


BRAEVR is a Virtual Reality video production company. They create fully immersive storytelling experiences in the 360°, 180° Stereoscopic and Virtual Reality space. BRAEVR’s specialty is their creativity, craftsmanship and ability to bring engaging storytelling experiences to life. Their clients range from the federal government, tourism boards and industry sector development but the sky’s the limit for this technology. 

5. Cuirass Entertainment

Cuirass Entertainment develops games to positively impact their player’s lives. Whether it be through the challenge, the education, or the story. They aim to design timeless experiences for a wide range of unique and diverse players. Services include app consultation, iOS and Android development, Google Play and Apple Store deployment and release, app maintenance, freelance development assistance and QA. Their team of contractors can design and produce apps for almost any need.

How IGNITE Helps

By supporting these forward-thinking entrepreneurs, we are helping to build a robust tech sector in rural Nova Scotia that benefits the entire community.

At IGNITE, we believe that technology and innovation can flourish anywhere, even in rural areas. We are committed to providing the resources and support needed for tech businesses to succeed. Our resident companies prove that with the right environment and encouragement, amazing technological advancements can happen.

If you’re a tech entrepreneur looking for a supportive community to help you grow your business, consider joining IGNITE’s residency program. Learn more about the benefits and how to apply on our Residency Page.